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Globe Necklace Watch-pocket watch-quartz analogue watch-opening style

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Hidden inside this beautiful masterpiece is something that people can't do without: a watch. No one will know the secrets that is hidden inside… unless you tell them about this product of course. The store, parties, work, anywhere you go, this piece can be fitting for any occasion and brings out the beauty within you. These are some of the features of the watch that its well made and top notch but the price listed here on Momento says that we want you to have this for a low price. The materials used to make the watch prevents any light damage from happening to it. This simple yet elegant piece makes an excellent gift idea for your friends or family members.



The watch features a globe shaped watch that is strong in its details so it wouldn't be an embarrassment to wear this piece.



The materials used for the watch is top quality and will not break easily.




It is small enough to fit in your hand yet still shows the time without any effort on your end.


The watch is light enough to be worn all day and it won't irritate the skin.




Manufacturer's notes:

Sizes may not be the same as specified for each purchase

Minor damages may incur during shipping

Keep it away from children & pets.


Light weight, durable material

Well detailed

Easy to maintain time.

Its not food.


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